New York Bagels

  • New, clean ingredient formulation†
  • No ADA, calcium propionate, or high fructose corn syrup
  • Only premium,  high quality bagel ingredients like fresh yeast, high protein flour, brown sugar, and tripled filtered New York water are used
  • Produced in the traditional New York Style, we retard and proof our bagels allowing natural, slow fermentation to take place, then kettle boil and hearth bake creating that distinctive, true New York bagel shop aroma, flavor, appearance, and texture
  • Packed into 6 count sleeves for more efficient freezer storage and longer shelf life (up to 3 days after thawing)
  • 51% Whole Grain varieties which are great for the K-12 school foodservice segment meeting national nutritional requirements (look for the items marked with an *)

Products Available

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4oz Bagels

3oz Bagels

2.3oz Bagels

2oz Bagels

Individually Wrapped Bagels

†Contact Burry Foods for more detail on our Clean Ingredient formulation standards

** They do not contain modified DNA and/or the proteins derived from genetically modified DNA. Exceptions are items 87501 & 87240.