When we state that our products are clean label, we say it with pride as these products have no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives! Being clean label means meeting a certain criterion that not many other companies can claim. So, what does clean label mean? We lay it out in clear and easy way:

C – Clear Transparency: Being transparent about the ingredients, sourcing, and manufacturing processes ensures that customers know exactly what they’re consuming.

L – Limited Additives: Our Clean Label products have little to no additives. Where some other businesses might use chemical ingredients to artificially preserve their products, we use natural ingredients like vinegar and wheat. This is because we focus on recognizable and simple ingredients.

E – Ethical Sourcing: Prioritizing ethical and sustainable sourcing of ingredients helps maintain the integrity of the product and its impact on the environment and communities.

A – Authentic Ingredients: Clean label products use authentic, whole, and natural ingredients without unnecessary processing or alterations.

N – No Hidden Ingredients: Clean label products avoid hidden or undisclosed ingredients, which fosters trust with you, the customer.

We pride ourselves on our clean label products and continue to find ways to innovate. To ensure we hold this standard of quality we continue to review our ingredients lists. Our clean label products help support a healthy lifestyle.



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